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Crafting a “Better” Status Quo for Progressives

Since my politics is predicated on the Native American/Chicano Construct and where “demographics is destiny”, and where the white Man’s Legacy will realize a now defunct status quo, Progressives, have yet to institutionalize a “new” status quo.  And with this rant-by-rote on my part, crafting a new status quo will pose a dilemma for Progressives, and this is the challenge that I bring forth to this debate.

Consequently, I offer two solutions.

First and foremost, this “unmet need” is found in the lack of a Progressive Caucus in the United States Senate.  To date, the obviousness of Democrats comfortably ensconced in wearing their skivvies around their ankles is just symptomatic of the many respective senators’ demonstrating their allegiance to big business, and which is easily recognized on a daily basis, is not acceptable to me.   Therefore, Progressives “need” to begin the political process to establish, manage, and operate a Progressive Caucus in which the political blogs such as the Lake, among others becomes an integral part and parcel to operating this Progressive Caucus, cannot be overlooked or ignored further.

And secondly, the “new” status quo must incorporate the notional that “automatically” the Co-Chairs of the Progressive Caucus in the House, is the “team” to be considered during each Presidential Election Cycle.  Therefore, the arch-conservatives (Neo-Liberals such as President Obama) wearing the camouflage of the Democratic Party label are “offered” an institutional challenge and which cannot be readily dismissed by Progressives when these Democratic voters cast their ballot on Election Day.

In closing, for these past 11 years, I have managed to survive and prosper despite having to address the constant disclaimers that both the Neo-Conservatives and Neo-Liberals are going to deliver to me the “best deal possible and available” given that regressive politics will only become more regressive and not forward-looking, and as is my preference. Nonetheless, the Native American/Chicano Construct is looking beyond the next twenty years and to the point where the “majority of the majority” in America is comprised of an overall Indigenous American “agenda” for advocating the notional, and further, starting and expanding LBJ’s seminal perspective for “empowering the Individual.”


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