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What “Democratic” Party?

As Republicans gear up for the next hostage crisis, the White House is carefully maneuvering for another Obama victory. This time Obama will use his Harvard education and incredible intellect to force the Republicans to increase the debt ceiling by compromising on social security means testing and age limits. Obama may even convince Republicans to cut Medicare. If Obama is as smart as I think, he will get a $1 Trillion debt ceiling increase before he faces another debt ceiling hostage crisis. Since Obama’s last hostage crisis, his approval rating increased to 50%. Maybe after the next hostage crisis compromise, Obama’s approval rating will hit 60%. I hope YOU get the joke.

Obamacrats lost my 2010 vote by surrendering the Public Option, and Obamacrats have already lost my 2012 vote with the Bush tax cut extension. I’ll vote for anyone, including SARAH PALIN, before I vote for Obama in 2012 (see My Pledge To The Democratic Party). I have two questions for “Democrats”. If Obama doesn’t call the GOP Tea Party’s bluff on the debt ceiling, does he deserve the 2012 “Democratic” nomination? If the “Democratic” Party doesn’t dump Obama after his next capitulation, does the “Democratic” Party exist as a viable political entity?

I have no faith in the Obama Administration, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they got suckered into negotiating an increase in the debt ceiling. I expect Obama to repeat his past behavior until he doesn’t. Obama has already decided to “negotiate” away Social Security fundamentals, Democratic principles, and middle class core values if the Republicans ask loudly. I’ve made my choice, but the “Democratic” Party has to choose their core values, their beliefs, and everything they’ve fought for since FDR OR Barack Obama. Based on the Bush tax cut extension, I don’t expect much from Obamacrats.

If Obama surrenders social security fundamentals for debt ceiling increase and Obamacrats continue to support Obama, the “Democratic” Party should officially disband. Politically, Democrats are about as effective as the Whig Party at passing Progressive policies. As of 2011, there is only two viable political parties in America, the Tea Party and the Corporate Whore Party – Democratic/Republicans. And the Tea Party is about to be taught a lesson by the Corporate Whore Party. There hasn’t been a viable Liberal or Progressive political entity with political power since 1968. President Carter was an incompetent Liberal. Clinton was a moderate Republican, and Obama is a Corporatist Whore Republican. The Liberals and Progressives that have been meeting, donating, and voting Democratic since 1980 are fools. “Democrats” have either nominated incompetent campaigners like Dukakis and Kerry or stealth Republicans like Clinton and Obama. I admit, I was fooled until Health Care Reform, but never again.

The Republicans aren’t blackmailing Obama with the debt ceiling hostage crisis, they know Obama will cave. Obama has already made his choice, he will surrender anything and everything for bipartisanship or re-election. Republicans are challenging Progressives, Liberals, and Democrats to fight for their beliefs if they have any left. The first battle is with the “Democratic” president.

P.S. 9.8% unemployment! Where are the fucking Obama Jobs?

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