I’m The One I Want

Congressman Heath Shuler (TD-INT 15-33) about whom Charles Pierce once wrote:

…a man who has found two careers in which his most remarkable accomplishment is consistently throwing the ball to the wrong team…

…has decided that he is going to vote for himself for not-going-to-win Speaker of the House as a symbolic gesture against San Francisco gaylady Nancy Pelosi because he thinks Pelosi went all Michael Vick on his Blue Dog best bro’s asses and they all lost and now this term he’s going to have to eat at the cool jocks table in the congressional cafeteria all sad and alone :

Rep. Heath Shuler plans to vote for himself rather than Rep. Nancy Pelosi during Wednesday’s floor vote for Speaker, and he predicted Monday that Democratic colleagues who are similarly displeased with her past leadership as Speaker would back him as well.

Shuler and some other House Democrats blame Pelosi for the drubbing their party took in the midterm elections, and they accuse the Californian of not being responsive to moderate Democrats, who suffered significant losses in the election. “I personally feel and I think others still feel like, even after what happened in the last election, we’re still not being heard,” the North Carolina Democrat said Monday. “The American people heard it. That’s for sure. … We think we represent the masses.”

There’s probably an episode of Glee tucked away in all of this.

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