Justin Bieber Boycott: Wingnut Pwnd

If you ever needed proof that Wingnuts have no sense of humor or critical thinking skills and that not everything you read on the internets is true:

Andy Sullivan, a New York City hardhat worker and construction supervisor spent the last half of 2010 railing against Park51, the planned mosque and community center near Ground Zero, and generally spewing not-nice rhetoric against Muslims. Now he wants America to boycott underage Canadian-born superstar Justin Bieber because, claims Sullivan,  Bieber supports the building of  Park51 and the mosque close to the hallowed ground of the World Trade Center.

Sullivan, like Joe the Plumber, Sarah Palin and any other number of Americans, is so absurdly surreal as to stepped from the pages of satirical fiction. The founder of the 9/11 Hard Hat Pledge — under which construction workers sign a petition vowing not to work at the mosque site (which raises some interesting issues re unions and unemployment)–based his call for a boycott on an article in Tiger Beat.

And since all activism begins at home, Sullivan told Salon magaizne that his kids, an 8-year-old girl and 11-year-old boy have been banned from attending Bieber performances.Which actually saves the family a considerable amount of money, since tickets are topping out at $9,999.99 a pair on eBay. Sullivan told Salon:

I informed them, ‘Hey guys, guess what? Justin Bieber spoke out for the ground zero mosque. My little girl took down his poster and said she didn’t want to have nothing to do with him anymore. These are my kids. They’re living this thing.

In an earlier interview with WNYC, the super-dad said:

Are my two kids going to derail the Bieber machine?I don’t think so. But it hurts. He said something that clearly hurt my kids, and hurt me. So, if you’re gonna say statements that hurt, be prepared. There’s gonna be fallout.

Oh yeah there is, but not in the way Sullivan may have anticipated, because there’s a problem with his call to action against the adorable mophead drummer–well, okay there are few problems, but the main one is that the interview never happened!

Sullivan is causing anguish for his children, depriving them of Justin Bieber, and now making them question his authority and omniscience on based on a satirical article from

Justin Bieber has weighed on the controversy surrounding the so-called “Ground Zero” Mosque. In an interview with Tiger Beat, the pop sensation stressed that freedom of religion is what makes America great, and went on to say that those who oppose the Mosque are motivated by bigotry.

“Muslims should be allowed to build a mosque anywhere they want,” the singer said. “Coming from Canada, I’m not used to this level of intolerance, eh.”

Bieber went on to say that Muslims are “super cool,” Christians are “lame-o-rama,” and that the mosque will help “start a dialogue” with all religions about which Justin Bieber song is the most awesome.

“I was like seven when September 11th went down, and frankly I’m surprised people are still going on about it. Move on, already!”

Added the singer, “Everyone needs to just chillax and dance!”

Okay, if you are unsure about this brief blurb, and think–despite the

eh…lame-rama- and “start a dialogue” with all religious about which Justin Beiber song is the most awesome

that maybe, maybe in some universe far, far away that there might be some some quark-size iota of veracity to this story, the following disclaimer on CelebJihad might give cause to pause and make you apply some critical thinking: is a satirical website containing published rumors, speculation, assumptions, opinions, fiction as well as factual information. Information on this site may or may not be true and is not meant to be taken as fact. makes no warranty as to the validity of any claims.

But no, nutjobs like Sullivan would rather ruin their relationships with their kids and look like  fool, rather than actually clicking the link.

What’s next? Going after Spanish citizens Penelope Cruz and her husband Javier Bardem because they reportedly want to have their “anchor” baby born in the US? Oh wait Fox has already done that! according to Fox News Latino, though the original story  seems to have vaporized after complaints. Hmm….

(Of course there is always the chance that Sullivan himself, who cuts quite a figure in his American flag hardhat–is a shill, a set-up designed by some legerdemain, bread-and-circus prankster think tank to further confuse, baffle and distract us from real issues.)


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