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Pull Up a Chair

Much more heavy-duty than anything I've seen in the Philly area (photo: Wikimedia)

We’ve been at home during this week between Christmas and the New Year. I’ve spent the time catching up on sleep, knitting and watching movies and listening at, and drinking hot chocolate.

The week before Christmas we had one very light snowfall. I was home, so I cleared the snow with a few quick passes of a shovel… and the sun melted the rest of it. The day after Christmas we had a much heavier snowfall, somewhere between 8 and 12 inches. Paul shoveled his way out the back door and down the deck to the garage and the snowblower. I shoveled from the front door to the sidewalk, as well as the side of the house where we keep our trash cans. That area is too curvy and narrow for the snowblower. Paul was surprised at how quickly I shoveled that snow… but it was light and contained very little water, so it was pretty easy.

Did anyone else have to shovel a lot of snow? This one was pretty easy for us, since the storm did not come from the south. Those storms from the south always contain a lot of moisture and the snow is pretty heavy!

I still remember how heavy that lake-effect snow was when I lived in southwestern New York state… yikes!

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