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A note from FDL friend Ryan Grim:

I’ve been a guest at FDL’s Book Salon twice — first for the hardback and again for the floppy — and a reader of it more times than I can count.

I’m thrilled that they picked my book as one of the five readers can pick with a donation and glad to do anything I can to help the salon grow.

There are precious few online spaces for progressive authors to connect with an audience and FDL is doing a tremendous service with the Book Salon. I’m looking forward to seeing what the FDL Writers Foundation yields.

Can you please make a tax-deductible contribution of $25 or more to support the FDL Writers Foundation?

If you contribute $100 or more, we’ll say “thank you” with a gift: your choice of a book by FDL Book Salon authors Matt Taibbi, Arianna Huffington, Ryan Grim, Bill McKibben, or Yves Smith. Know that your donation will go toward developing and promoting the work of other talented authors just like them. You can choose from any of these books:

Third World America
by Arianna Huffington

by Matt Taibbi

This Is Your Country On Drugs
by Ryan Grim

by Bill McKibben

by Yves Smith
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Jane Hamsher

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