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FDL Manning-Lamo-Wikileaks Interview Transcripts Page Up Now

Glenn Greenwald Interview of Adrian Lamo, 6-17-2010

Part 1, transcribed by bmull:

Lamo: “I contacted Army authorities through an intermediary late the day after [we first chatted], rather I got the ball rolling on that. I wanted to make sure we had the right team for the job, so I asked a friend of mine to find who at Army CID was good at this sort of investigation, who would handle it right and who would handle it sensitively.”

Part 2, transcribed by calamar:

Lamo: “I’ll bet you either ten bucks or a beer at a hacker conference that [Manning] doesn’t do more than six months.”

FDL readers have been working collectively on a Citizen Journalism project to transcribe interviews relevant to Wikileaks, Adrian Lamo and Bradley Manning. The transcripts have been compiled on one page, which is available now:

The transcripts page joins the other three Wikileaks information pages that we are currently maintaining:

The transcripts page offers for the first time the opportunity to read through the public statements of Adrian Lamo and others regarding what happened during his exchanges with Bradley Manning. In many cases, Lamo’s often-conflicting statements regarding the chat logs are the only known source for their content, as both Wired and the Washington Post have refused to publish the complete logs.

Many thanks to everyone who participated in the transcription process: bmull, calamar, sagesse, Michele PDX, JessicaS, nedits, Rob G, Emil T, John Marc and everyone else who pitched in.

We’ll continue to update the page as more interviews become available. If you find any relevant interviews or articles that we’ve missed, you can send them to us here:

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