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No Penis, No License: Transman denied marriage license in Michigan

This occurred in Pontiac, Michigan. Via Michigan Messenger with video from the local Fox affiliate:

Jordan Swan, who is a female to male transgender man, says he went to the Oakland County Clerk this week to marry his fiancee. The two paid for their marriage license, swore their oaths and signed on the dotted line. Then they were off to the chapel to get married… or so they thought.

Swan tells Fox 2 News that shortly after the happy couple left the clerk’s office they received a call telling them they had to return to the offices to get a refund for their marriage license fee. The reason they were offered when they got to the offices? Swan is not a man because he doesn’t have a penis.

Unfortunately for the county officials, it’s the penis that makes the man. Swan does not have the money for the surgery. Fox’s legal analyst disagreed that it’s all about the wang:

“If a doctor signs an affidavit that says you’ve had the sex reassignment, you can take that to the courthouse and you can get a new birth certificate,” explained Fox 2 legal analyst Charlie Langton. “You don’t need a penis to become a man.”

Transgender Man Denied A Marriage License in Oakland County:

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding