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John Draper Interview with Adrian Lamo at Next HOPE Conference, Pt 2 of 4, 7-18-2010 (TRANSCRIPT AND VIDEO)

Interview of Adrian Lamo by John Draper and Vito Tums at the Next HOPE Conference, 7-18-2010, Pt 3 of 4.  Regarding Julian Assange, Lamo says he “wasn’t familiar with his existence prior to the Manning incident.” Transcribed by Emil T.

DRAPER: OK, let’s get back to subject we were talking about, the Wikileaks issues with Julian Assange. Tell me a little bit about your relation with Julian, you never met the guy, is that correct?

LAMO: I actually wasn’t familiar with his existence prior to the Manning incident.

DRAPER: OK, but you had talked to each other? Through a chat or something?

LAMO: Assange?


LAMO: No, I have never spoken to him except for the email that I received from him, basically telling me to lie and say that my entire story was based on fabrications.

DRAPER: Yeah, oh that’s crazy, that’s nuts. Well let’s get over that Assange now, he’s obviously not a very willing, not somebody who would come into this country, hear he’s somewhere in Europe, who knows where he is.  I’m not going to elaborate any further than that.

LAMO: I’ve heard multiple things. I think there’s still a greater that zero possibility that he may show up at this conference.

DRAPER: That’d be very interesting if he does, I sure hope you two will sit down at the debate, that’s gonna be a very very interesting meeting. And I wish you the best of luck in having that happen, cause that would, that’s definitely news right there. So Julian is, no-one knows where he’s at, and by the way, just so everybody knows, Julian is the editor of WikiLeaks magazine, and the WikiLeaks website, which is..


DRAPER: Yeah, a whistleblower website, highly protected.

LAMO: “Whistleblower” is one way of putting it, I think it could also be equated to being a, centrally a hostile foreign intelligence service, based on the fact that a substantial portion of their coverage is related to the United Stated, and they have done very very little related to actual oppressive regimes, so they’re not really tracking with their mission statement in that respect.

DRAPER: Oh, OK I see. Yeah well they’ve got some problems here recently, I don’t know if you’ve been keeping track or not, but their servers are down most of the time, they’ve got some problems with, where they’re not able to get people to post directly without their identifying, without their identification being known. I know they’ve got this anonymous system for – how does that work exactly? I mean I don’t need the details, just give me a rough [incomprehensible] conception of it.

LAMO: It had an anonymous system, they were using an anonymizing service called TOR.

DRAPER: Oh, I was going to ask you it if involved TOR.

LAMO: Yeah it was, and that is down.

DRAPER: TOR is down?

LAMO: No, TOR is down, but their, eh, I mean TOR is not down, but the hidden service that they were using with TOR is down, and it’s almost as though somebody yanked the drive and they [incomprehensible].

DRAPER: Are you aware of a couple of years ago where Skype had a problem where Microsoft had an update and… [end of part 2]

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