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Snowpocalypse as Tipping Point

The Great Snowpocalypse of 2010 will be remembered as the tipping point that ended Mayor Bloomberg’s Presidential aspirations and also put a nail in the coffin of efforts by Global Warming alarmists to implement job-killing legislation.

First off, how can we expect Bloomberg to deal with an international crisis in the Oval Office if he can’t even get snow plows to Brooklyn? And, the city workers that do hit the streets literally “hit the streets”, haphazardly ramming their plows into parked cars with reckless abandon. Thank goodness that Youtuber was there in his skivvies taping the whole incident so we have a permanent video record of New York’s bureaucratic incompetence. The lesson: feckless union drivers fail to put their brains into second gear even during a crisis.

Where is the inspiration, Bloomie? Rudy would have been directing airplane traffic at JFK. Bill Clinton would have been riding down Queens Boulevard on the front of a snow plow like DiCaprio in ‘Titanic’. Of course, New Jersey’s Chris Chistie didn’t fare much better than Bloomberg with his idiotic Disneyworld trip. The only winner is Newark’s Mayor Cory A. Booker who got out on the street and shoveled snow off constituents’ driveways himself. Who cares if it was a publicity stunt? It worked.

On to Global Warming. When you have to resort to the “It’s colder because it’s hotter” argument, shouldn’t you just hang it up right there? Seriously, are you going to tell people buried under 3 feet of snow that they are too warm?

Maybe it is warmer and dryer in some parts of the world, say The Maldives and Tonga. But, it’s colder here and in Europe. There’s less ice in the Arctic, but more ice in the Antarctic. Volcanoes are erupting in Indonesia, and sunspot activity is flaring up. It’s snowing in Australia, and it’s raining gerbils in Tanzania. That’s because the earth is a huge, dynamic system. Your house has hot and cold spots, but you think the earth isn’t more complex than your house? Can anyone past the third grade actually believe that you can just average temperatures from around the planet and use that as the basis for job-killing legislation?

But in the interest of argument, let’s say the earth is warming overall due to man’s energy use, and that’s causing all this cold. If we could only reduce energy consumption in New York by 30%. I suggest everyone there turn down their home heaters from 70 degrees to 40 degrees. That should help.

Can’t wait for Obama’s new Global Warming initiative to come down after New Year’s to massive laugh tracks. Maybe you guys in New York can catch the headline at the newsstand–if you’re not still snowed in.

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