Just to be clear, I would be quite pleased to see my Bill Kristol Is Invited to Eat A Bag Of Salted Dicks post win The Daily Dish “Moore Award“. It’s not that I need the recognition or the award to fill up some empty space in my life or on my shelf. Jeebus knows, my mantle is already packed with a couple of Koufax awards and some blog/web award-thingy to go along with my 2006 BET Entertainer of the Year award, my Outland trophy, and a half dozen or so Greater Northern Iowa Duck Call Competition medals (le Croix de Quacke).

No, the important thing is that more people need to become aware of the fact that Bill Kristol is not always wrong about everything, but that there are consequences to his wrongness. And while some people may be rightly offended that the post is categorized as an example of “divisive, bitter and intemperate left-wing rhetoric” I have enough faith in humanity to believe that, at the end of the day, all reasonable people will agree that Bill Kristol is a horrible person who, at the very least, should be shunned by polite and not-so-polite society.

Also, that he should die is a spectacularly humiliating fashion.

Is it irresponsible to wish for that? It would be irresponsible not to…



Yeah. Like I would tell you....