John Pilger’s The War You Don’t See

The latest John Pilger film, The War You Don’t See, has been released. How well will its release be kept a secret?

The following are noteworthy quotes and facts presented in the first half of the film.

David Lloyd George, about WWI in which 16 million were killed and 21 million were wounded.

If people really knew the truth, the war would be stopped tomorrow. But of course, they don’t know, and can’t know.

John Pilger

These days, we have 24 hour news. The sound bytes never stop, and the wars never stop. Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine. Why do many journalists beat the drums of war, regardless of the lies of governments, and how are the crimes of war reported and justified, when they’re our crimes?

Edward Bernays

The intelligent manipulation of the masses is an invisible government which is the true ruling power in our country.

Professor Stuart Ewen, media historian

Let’s not bother with pumping out facts. Let’s scare the hell out of people.
Saddam Hossain had nothing to do with it (9/11). But that didn’t matter, because when you start using symbols that have been separated from their meaning and have taken on a life of their own, the facts don’t matter anymore.

Professor Melvin Goodman, former CIA Analyst

Eighty to ninety percent of what you read in the newspaper is officially inspired.

As a result of the invasion of Iraq

740,000 women are widows
4.5 million people forced from their homes

Dan Rather, justifying why journalists cover up lies

At least in some small way, fear is present in every newsroom in the country, the fear of losing your job, the fear the institution, the company you work for going out of business, the fear of being stuck with some label, unpatriotic or otherwise, that you will have with you to your grave and beyond.

John Pilger, on the Vietnam War

Vietnam was the blueprint for the wars of today. Murder and destruction replaced military tactics. Almost every man, woman, and child became the enemy.

Ronald Reagan, about the same war

It’s time that we recognized, in truth, ours was a noble cause.

Professor Ewen, about Iraq II

This is a war that was orchestrated purely for profit and for oil and for ownership of other people’s resources, and for control of global resources

War facts

In the war in Iraq, civilians account for up to 90% of all deaths.

The killing of civilians and wilfully causing great suffering is a war crime.
– Fourth Geneva Convention 1949

The B1 bomber.

Cost – $283 million each. What one did on May 4, 2009 in F. province, Afghanistan following false intelligence of Taliban in a village. Its victims were some of the poorest people on earth.

Reported by Guy Smallman, war reporter & photographer, was the first Westerner to arrive in the village following the bombing.

The first strike happened outside the village mosque, which was the first place that I was taken to, which was just a mass of craters. Then after that, the women and children were evacuated to a compound in the far north of the village. And again their heat signatures were picked up by the bomber crew, and a 2000 pound bomb was dropped in the middle of them, and that was where the majority of the people died.

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