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Anonymous Wikileaks Supporters Begin Assault on

Bank of America’s website isn’t loading for some customers at the moment, the victim of what appears to be another denial of service attack from supporters of Wikileaks.

Greg Mitchell notes that the attack, known as #operationBOA on Twitter, started around noon. Here’s a countdown of the time since the DDoS attack began. It’s coming from the same “Anonymous” groups of hackers who briefly took down Paypal, Visa and MasterCard in recent weeks, after those organizations denied use of their services to Wikileaks.

Last week, Bank of America cut off participation in customer transactions involving Wikileaks.

Reports are coming in that is alternately loading and not loading for various web users, but BofA appears to be weathering the storm.

After successes in disabling Paypal, Visa and MasterCard for periods of time, the Anonymous clan has had less success recently. Companies seem to have grown more sophisticated in handling DDoS attacks.

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