The Bradley Manning/Assange situation inspires more soul searching and passion than anything since 9/11.  Chaining one’s self to the Whitehouse, stepping over the line at Ft. Benning, etc., does not exercise leverage against injustice and corruption.

If we are not a failed species anyway, it feels like time to find the right pressure point and take more risk.  Progressives and the like seem to be content with moralizing and loss.

Patriotism is religion transformed to support the elite powers who will stop at nothing to maintain their position.  Mind control must be bypassed, and we must find leadership willing to take the risks for justice.

Either that or catastrophe.  Security and human rights are gone now, but consumer comforts can be replaced by clean conscience and like-minded, trustworthy friends. 

Our collective power is immense, and those whose sadism goes unchecked, are more at risk.

New world order and domination would have us all become Palestinians.  It is irrational.

Given tear gas, sound cannons, bullets – and napalm, television.. .I believe economic leverage may be the way

Either that or flee


Kathleen Russell

Kathleen Russell