27 Dec 2010

On the Second Anniversary of Cast Lead, I Reach Out to a Young Gazan Writer

Two years ago, On December 27th, 2008, the Israeli military began their campaign, Operation Cast Lead,  against the people and infrastructure of Gaza. About 1,500 Palestinian people, the vast majority of them civilians, were killed.  Many children were killed.  Far more were wounded, traumatized, orphaned, or lost a parent, sibling

27 Dec 2010

A Way to Deal with (Non)Sensenbrenner?

David Dayden reports that after Ralphie “Grease in the” Hall stops being all hot and bothered by Macondo’s powerful gusher, he might get around to telling James Sensenbrenner to get after those evil climate harpies. Here’s my ill-thought out proposal to the scientists required to testify: plead the fifth.  I.e.

27 Dec 2010

Resisting Gender Violence and the Prison Industrial Complex – An Interview with Victoria Law

Arrest/imprisonment does not reduce, let alone prevent, violence. Building structures and networks to address the lack of options and resources available to women is more effective. Challenging patriarchy and male supremacy is a much more effective solution (although not one that funders and the state want to see).

27 Dec 2010

Late, Late Night FDL: Hold The Line

Toto – Hold The Line

27 Dec 2010

FDL Manning-WikiLeaks Key Articles Table

Our latest challenge was the compilation of all media that contained source material to date. Since Lamo is by no stretch of the imagination publicity shy, and has given interviews to anyone willing to sit still, that proved to be a somewhat ambitious undertaking. We have now published a sortable table of articles relevant to the Manning-Wikileaks story, which we will continue to add material to. You can find that table here:

Key Wikileaks-Manning Articles

27 Dec 2010

Late Night: Hope for the Holidays

I moved down to the Washington, DC metro area in early September. Jobless, with my fingers crossed, I was fortunate to get an offer to join the FireDogLake team. Joyous with my new employment and the mitigation of my financial anxiety, I started to look for places that I could give back to the community. A friend of my recommended doing some work at Martha’s Table. Their mission is to provide nutritional, educational, and community support for the homeless. Their main focus is “at risk” children and their families. When I contacted Martha’s Table 3 weeks before Christmas and asked what I could do to help, they put me on a waiting list. Although discouraging, it was heartwarming to hear that we live in a country where even in times of hardship for the average household there is plenty of charitable souls trying to help out during the holiday season.

27 Dec 2010

Watercooler – Public Support Slipping For Health Insurance Mandate

Less and less people think that requiring people to buy private health insurance is a good idea.

27 Dec 2010

NC: County Commissioner Bill James in email to colleagues – gays are 'sexual predators'

There he goes again. Bill “anal probe” James, a notorious anti-gay Republican Mecklenburg County Commissioner who likes to send out anti-gay screeds from his official email address, is trying to wrap up 2010 with a big finish. Matt Comer of QNotes reports that James’s latest missive was sent to his

27 Dec 2010

Comparing the White Vote and the General Vote

On November 4, 2008 Senator Barack Obama was elected president, winning a substantial margin over Republican candidate John McCain. In the popular vote, Mr. Obama won 52.9% of the electorate to Mr. McCain’s 45.7%; he thus took a 7.2% margin. Mr. Obama, however, did not do so well with white, non-Hispanic voters. According to exit polls, the newly elected president lost whites by double-digits; taking 43% of the white vote to Mr. McCain’s 55% support.