As we all know, 25 December is the the second Most Holiest Night of the American Year (right after the first Sunday in February).

For on this night a child was born; for unto us, a child was given; a child, a child, who came to deliver to all mankind a message of faith, love, repealing the estate tax, and talking bullshit in order to justify blowing shit up in foreign countries.

What is, I axe you, the True Meaning of Christmas, except for wallowing in delicious bitter resentment against imaginary cultural oppression?

If you disagree, and have other theories about the reason for the season, well, bless you, good cheer to you!

For the wingnuts though I offer a photograph of this Actual True-Real Holiday Decoration outside one of my neighbor’s houses. Because nothing says “Christmas” quite like shrubbery decorated so as to resemble a glowing electric penis.



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