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Yes, LGBTs, There Really Is A Santa Claus!!!!!!

And guess what he just gave us all for Christmas?

In a letter to the director of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID), principal state attorney Margaret Nakigudde said pastors Male, Martin Ssempa, Bob Kayira, Michael Kyazze, their lawyers, Henry Ddungu and David Kaggwa, together with David Mukalazi and Deborah Kyomuhendo face charges of conspiring to injure Pastor Kayanja’s reputation.

The two lawyers were included for allegedly commissioning false affidavits.

…Unconfirmed reports indicated that Police had earlier in the day been hunting for Pastor Ssempa, but he reportedly eluded them.

SIU head Grace Akullo said Male was arrested because he had failed to honour several Police summons.

For ourselves, for LBGT's in Uganda, this is truly a wonderful Christmas present. I wonder if Dr Ssempa will try and escape dressed as a woman? There would certainly be delicious irony in it all.

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