Closed source software means that Microsoft owns the software, and prevents any kind of unauthorized use of the software, which means that when you find a bug, performing a “workaround” for the bug is at Microsoft’s whimsey. Why would anyone want closed source software? By definition, the software writers have no interest in using their own software. Rather, they have every interest in being an roadblock to fixing bugs. Unless Bill Gates is watching them, they really have no reason to focus on the customer.

I have a Windows horror story. Windows DRM won’t let me uninstall it. Because the software is in an opaque box, I might as well be a flint-weilding neanderthal for all my ability to correct the uninstall process. Now I have to reinstall windows, the walk of shame. The only workaround is to destroy every software on my PC.

I’ve been having hardware problems with a certain game since January. Screaming at AMD got me exactly nowhere. Ironically, I applied some windows fixes to be compatible with an open source application, and the hardware problem went away. This seems so obvious to me. It was the open source community that solved my problem, after ten months of screaming at my hardware vendor.

open source is the twitter of software. Kind of like seeing the chef walk out of the kitchen, you know who the open source software author is, and you know what he’s been doing.
Microsoft is the fast food of software. You are given no opportunity to talk to the cook. If the cook comes forward to chat with the customer, that’s an offence to terminate his/her employment.

Open source in practice isn’t a bed of roses. I easily found some holes in customer support. Seems like Open Office has tons of new problems with Windows 7.

In conclusion, although I really want to put open source on a pedestal, software with major bugs seems more common than it was 10 years ago, despite using more man hours, and having larger development teams.

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