While most people might not live up to the highest ideals of the Christmas season–love, caring, compassion for all(particularly the less fortunate), a general feeling of beneficence–even the most obnoxious atheist wouldn’t go out of their way to actively hurt people, unlike Barack Obama.

What could possibly be more lacking in Christmas Spirit than for a leader of any society to raise taxes on the poor and initiate the beginning of the end of Social Security.  Nothing short of a modern day Herod’s death squads would be worse.   And yet this is exactly the Christmas gift Obama has given to the poor, the disabled, and the elderly.

Though President Obama could have passed a standalone middle-class tax cut in 2009 or before the election in 2010, he chose not to pursue it.  Hell, while gloating this past week of “great” legislative achievements over Republicans(who have usually voted to extend unemployment and always for Reagan’s START treaty), Obama has made it clear that when he really wants something done he fights for it.  Even if it is just to declare he “won”.

A decent society values all of its citizens equally, regardless of money or social status.  Only someone lacking in character and decency would endorse something so uncharitable as a tax increase on the poor and the means to end Social Security right before Christmas.  Yet not only did Obama fight, he fought hard for this lump of coal.

Maybe President Obama isn’t like Scrooge or The Grinch.  After all, both these characters had a conscience and were eventually redeemed.  But like Obama. Mr. Potter from It’s A Wonderful Life appears irredeemable: a callous and cold-hearted man with a vindictive mean streak.

So Merry Christmas from President Barack “Mr. Potter” Obama.  Enjoy your Christmas gifts from him.  To the rich:  more gold-plated toilets a bigger pile of money.  To the poor: a big stinking plate of go fuck yourself turd.



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