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Video: David House on MSNBC about Bradley Manning’s Detention

Twenty three-year-old computer programmer David House is the only person besides Bradley Manning‘s aunt and attorney to visit him in prison, as Manning almost enters his sixth month in extreme isolation while awaiting trial at Quantico Marine Base.

House reported on Firedoglake this morning about the conditions in which Manning is held, the Army Private accused of giving classified documents to Wikileaks, while under “maximum custody” and a longstanding “Prevention of Injury” order at the Marine brig. He wrote that Manning is enduring inhumane and unnecessary restrictions on his sleep, exercise, and communication.

House appeared on the Dylan Ratigan Show today to discuss his Firedoglake story about Manning’s detention, revealing new information about Bradley’s health, the Pentagon’s deceptions, and the weak accusations hurled at Manning by Adrian Lamo, the one man whose story the government used to arrest and detain Bradley.

House on Bradley’s declining health:

I’ve been traveling to visit Bradley in the bring since last September. Over the several months I’ve been visiting him I’ve noticed a remarkable decline in his psychological state and his physical well-being. In recent months Bradley has developed very big bags under his eyes, he appears to be very weak from a lack of exercise, and psychologically he has difficulty keeping up with some conversational topics, which never used to be the case.. I definitely think the conditions in which he’s being kept in are inhumane and they’re starting to weigh on his personality and his physical appearance to a great degree.

On his role in visiting Manning:

We have never mentioned any details about his case at all. Our conversations are usually very abstract, and I’m mostly there to give him some small form of mental engagement.

And on Manning’s alleged connections to Assange:

All the information about Bradley’s alleged connection to Wikileaks or to Assange flows from one very unreliable source, Adrian Lamo, who was admitted to a psychiatric clinic only three weeks before [Lamo] came out with this story [about Manning leaking to Wikileaks].

More information about Bradley Manning on Firedoglake:

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