Thursday Night Basset Blogging


Just to bring you up to date, during the time that we were in Hawaii and my brother (FBogg) was watching over the playful little scamps, the following things were destroyed/disappeared by presumably Wembley although I believe Fenway had a paw in one or two of these:

Several books (including my copy of The Tao of Maggie), four CD’s (Including the best of Korn…  which is probably just as well), all the buttons cleanly removed from one my brother’s shirts with nary a stitch pulled, a pill bottle containing three Lisinopril, and another pill bottle containing approximately ten doggie antibiotics. We are of the opinion that Fenway ate the pills, but with no ill effects.

Hugs not drugs, dogs.

Also lost was much sleep and probably a year or two off of each of our lives. My brother and myself. Not the dogs.

Anyway here are your Christmas Eve-Eve bassets with a bonus appearance by Beckham as the be-bowed  Ghost of Christmas Past. As near as I can tell, this was the last picture I ever took of the little guy before we lost him.

You may also notice that Fenway’s right ear is a bit…. slimy. That means this was probably taken right after they ate, which is when Wembley likes to chew (very softly) on Fenway’s ears to get any residual food that may have attached itself to the ear as it dangled in the food bowl. We liken it to chewing the paper cupcake wrapping after the cupcake is all gone. You know… cupcake gum.

Oh. Like you never did that as a kid. Or as a college student. Or yesterday.

Merry Christmas/Hanukkah/Some Kind of Wiccan Gaia Festival/Kwanzaa/Festivus/and Snowbound Sexytime With A Safe Word from all of the Boggs, tall and willowy, short and snarky,  shorter and snarkier, and shorter still and furrier.

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