Not much of interest happening today, so I think I’m going to shut ‘er down. Posting will be on a reduced schedule for the holiday weekend. Go out and talk to your families!

• I don’t think it’s worth continuing to assess the 111th Congress, but Adam Serwer’s take is important, showing that the liberal successes of the legislative session mainly came from items with conservative origins. Even policies like the DREAM Act and cap and trade, rejected by this Congress, have conservative foundations. So liberals in Congress certainly moved far more than halfway despite big majorities. The filibuster rule had quite a bit to do with that, but so did the general trajectory of Washington over the past three decades.

• One of the biggest problems with cleaning up foreclosure fraud is how federal agencies are implicated in the issue. Fannie and Freddie set up the foreclosure mill process, hired the law firms with the most unscrupulous practices, and basically shaped the events that undergirds foreclosure fraud. They are more concerned with saving money than doing right by borrowers.

• Most of what the banks did leading up to the meltdown was either criminal behavior or rank incompetence. The Merrill Lynch story is almost unbelievable, and the traders who benefited from it got away with millions.

• Expect a lot of “gut and amend” bills out of the US House next year, allowing them to skirt transparency requirements they just placed on themselves.

• An AOL News investigation shows that the offensive policies of TSA airport security aren’t even being checked for safety or effectiveness. This includes the exposure to radiation and the actual ability for the scanners to detect contraband.

• Now’s the perfect time to delay implementation of financial reform for a year, according to the new leader of a top House subcommittee on financial oversight.

• North Korea’s yapping its gums about holy war again. This happens every few months.

• Nobody believes this tripe about Joe Lieberman running as a Democrat, do they? He may try it, but since no constituent in Connecticut has been consulted, it doesn’t mean he’ll be successful.

• The FCC will actually seek conditions for the NBC-Comcast deal?

• We’re just going to see an older and older work force in the coming years. This is really bad for the economy, and a sign of insecure retirements, which is only going to get worse.

• BofA is in big trouble on a number of fronts. In the latest, they lost a case that will now allow MBIA to use statistical sampling to force repurchases of $21 billion in mortgage backed securities.

• This may be a Republican poll, but I’d say Ben Nelson’s in big trouble for re-election. Blanche Lincoln-like territory.

• GE will go back to cleaning up the Hudson River? Now that’s a Christmas miracle!

• John McCain, according to his former Chief of Staff, literally voted against the DREAM Act because his feelings were hurt that Hispanics abandoned him in the 2008 Presidential election. This man is a psycopath.

• As complaints over police brutality in London by protesters of austerity measures escalate, the chief of the London police force longs to ban protests altogether.

• Yes, Pat Robertson is to the left of the Democratic establishment by favoring the legalization of marijuana.

• It looks like Rahm Emanuel will survive the residency challenge and remain on the ballot for Mayor of Chicago.

• Another state development to watch: the Attorney General tenure of New York’s Eric Schneiderman.

• Another war in Gaza is “a question of time,” says one Israeli intelligence officer.

• Julian Assange talks to David Frost for Al Jazeera.

• When people are talking about a primary opponent for Obama, somehow I don’t think they have Jimmy “The Rent Is Too Damn High” McMillan in mind.

The lesbian wage premium.

• Elie Wiesel, Holocaust winner. Thanks, Fox News, for getting the best caption mistake of the year under the wire in 2010.

David Dayen

David Dayen