While you and your family spend Christmukkwanza exchanging the gifts of tuberculosis and single-serving EasyMac bowls while huddled for warmth around a flickering Sterno can in your ice-bound forclosureburb hellhole, President Barack “Secret Muslim Jesus Hater” Obama will be laughing it up on the white sandy beaches of Lanikai (which is Hawaiian for “Suck It, Mainlanders”), HawaiiKenya:

For Ronald Reagan it was riding horses on his California ranch. For George W. Bush it was clearing brush and biking around his Crawford, Texas, estate. For Barack Obama, the signature image of his presidential vacationing, so far, is him eating shave ice, the Hawaiian version of a snow cone.

After wrapping up his official business in Washington, Obama headed to his regular holiday destination Wednesday evening: a beachfront compound in Hawaii. Like many Americans, the president seems to prefer coming back to a favorite vacation spot where he won’t encounter surprises and where he can fall into a familiar and comfortable routine.

The same friends who have accompanied Obama on every extended vacation he’s had since taking office will meet him again in Hawaii, where he spent most of his childhood, and he has the same activities on tap – golf, beachfront lounging and a shave ice outing, revealing a president who hasn’t been all that imaginative when it comes to taking time off.

Which means that his foursome for golf will once again include anarchist William Ayers, Marxist Van Jones, and 4 handicap Osama Bin Laden.

This will not sit well with Cokie Roberts.



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