Pouting Baby doesn't understand why Governor Scottdemort hates people who don't have jobs. (photo courtesy of Jim White)

Pouting Baby is talking to us again.  –  JW

I noticed in the newspaper today that the people helping Florida’s new governor, Scottdemort, get ready for starting his new job had some very mean things to say about people who don’t have jobs:

The gist of the advisers’ comments: people drawing unemployment benefits aren’t working hard enough to find work.

But it turns out they weren’t even telling the truth.  My mommy gets mad when I say things that aren’t true.  Scottdemort’s helpers said that they were using work from Mr. Alan K. who used to work in Washington.  But the newspaper talked to Mr. Alan K. about what the helpers said:

Reached via email, Krueger told the Tampa Tribune Thursday that the Scott team’s report misstated his findings.

In fact, Krueger confirmed today, his research revealed that the average amount of time spent job-searching is more than 40 minutes a day, not 20.


“They seem to have misinterpreted my study,” the Treasury Department’s chief former economist said. “More importantly, those results were for the mid 2000s. The main problem we face now is an inadequate number of jobs, not inadequate search by the unemployed.

Why do Governor Scottdemort and his helpers hate people who don’t have jobs?

Governor Scottdemort

But that’s not all.  More of the really rich people who help Governor Scottdemort also hate poor people who get sick:

Advisors to Governor-elect Rick Scott are questioning the need for the state’s public hospitals . . .

In a report dated Saturday, the group chaired by Alan Levine, former head of Broward Health, stated it is “unclear whether government should be in the business of operating a competitive enterprise using tax dollars as a subsidy without a thorough review of whether this model is the most beneficial and cost-effective way to use the tax revenue.”

But this newspaper knew why Governor Scottdemort and his rich helpers hate poor people who get sick:

The report to Scott, who was once head of the largest for-profit hospital chain in America, notes that some governments, such as Palm Beach County, give tax dollars to non-governmental hospitals to provide safety-net care for the poor and uninsured.

It looks like Governor Scottdemort and his rich friends want to go back to the days when he set the record for the largest fine ever paid to the government for stealing money that was supposed to be used to help poor, sick old people get better.

Jim White

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