DISM – Tax Cuts, Spending Cuts, the MIC and Al Quaeda

Here we are, with a budget deficit problem, which the Rs blame on bad spending habit in DC, and the Dems appear to shuffle their feet and avoid the problem.

Under Bush, we cut taxes by a huge amount and then went to fight two expensive wars on our Federal Government’s Credit card. Inevitably, the balance due on the credit card is rather large, and made worse by trying to buy all the distressed paper, and stimulate demand after the bank-induced property crash.

In the 112th congress we face the expiration of Government Funding in February, tomorrow in Congressional terms, so there will be a crisis, followed very quickly by our Government wanting to raise the limit on it own credit card.

Two crises back to back!! Or crises squared!!!! What an opportunity for Fox Noise to drum into our heads “ we need to become more frugal” – as in frugality is for thee and not for me, which is one of my points.

Let’s first dispose of the noise. All Federal Government Spending except, Defense, Interest, Social Security and Medicare ( DISM) is cut to zero, and we still have a deficit. The result is DISMal.


Cut Defense – This is interesting. There will be pressure to cut defense, however, the MIC and AL Quaeda have a common agenda – to make us spend our tax dollars on military toys and adventures. The MIC’s objective is to grow revenues and profits. Al Quaeda’s objective is to grow the MIC’s revenues to increase the MIC’s revenues and profits, and our costs until our economy collapses.

Will the MIC voluntarily put itself on a diet? Is the moon made of green cheese?

Would you agree that the MIC and Al Quaeda seem to have a common objective? Would that be a conflict of interest, perhaps? A fertile ground for miscreants to enrich themselves?

If you were in the MIC, would you perhaps funnel some money to Al Quaeda or some other group to cause a terrorist attack in December, January or February? That’s a preposterous question, as we all know and believe that the MIC and our Government are strong patriots and law abiding people and would never, ever do any such thing. Right?

They’d never lie to us would they? (Gulf of Tonkin, Iraq, Breathable air at the WTC site after 9/11). They’d never lie would they?


Cut Interest – how? Print enough money to pay off all the Government’s Bonds? Not going to happen. Interest payments are wealth transfer from poor to rich, and where would all the poor rich now get their money? Gasp! They might have to get jobs (In this economy)!!


Social Security. Yes there is a trust fund. However payments must be made out of current Federal Government’s Revenues (SS payments from us already end up in the general fund, through clever accounting and much chicanery), and we have a deficit…and we must all tighten our belts…until our belly buttons meet our backbones (hello! we’ve never met before!)…and then some more…

The good news is we will find a cure for obesity, rampant hunger.

The new Federal Government policy towards “seniors”: Those whom the Gov loves, die young.


Medicare. Requires the medical providers to loose “pay for procedure” and be paid on a capitation basis. This move the insurance risk to the medical providers, and eliminates the insurance companies from the insurance business, and then they’d have to fold.

Two wealthy groups would loose, the Medical Insurance industry and the Medical Provider Industry. In addition because this parasitic growth consumes 20% of GDP, how would a cut in these industries affect unemployment? 20% you say? Possibly.

One way or the other the Medical Industries will shrink. On the current path they will shrink because they will become unaffordable to a majority of US citizens. Can you say Physician Heal Thyself?

The new Federal Government policy towards the sick: Get well or Die Quickly.


D will survive because there will be another “incident” in the next three months.

I will continue. It’s too good a wealth transfer from the poor to the rich.

S is toast (There is nothing else left to attack).

M will have to collapse under its own parasitic nature, by killing its host.

Can you spell “false flag”? Having spelt it can you prove it?

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