Bradley Manning and the Convenient Memories of Adrian Lamo

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So far, every known piece of evidence against Bradley Manning comes from one source, Adrian Lamo, a hacker who was institutionalized by the police three weeks before he alleges Manning contacted him and confessed to turning over materials to Wikileaks. There are many inconsistencies in Lamo’s many stories, as Marcy Wheeler has documented, yet the normally excellent Charlie Savage lets Lamo serve as sole source for a highly dubious story in the pages of the New York Times:

Wired magazine has published excerpts from logs of online chats between Mr. Lamo and Private Manning. But the sections in which Private Manning is said to detail contacts with Mr. Assange are not among them. Mr. Lamo described them from memory in an interview with The Times, but he said he could not provide the full chat transcript because the F.B.I. had taken his hard drive, on which it was saved.

FDL has constructed a timeline of the events surrounding Bradley Manning, Julian Assange and Adrian Lamo. To say that Lamo’s story does not hold water would be an understatement:

From the FDL Bradley Manning/Wikileaks Timeline:

April 28

May 7

May 20

May 26

May 27

May 29

June 6

June 9

June 10

June 11

June 13

June 18

June 19

July 6

December 15

For more on the inconsistencies on Lamo’s stories, see Marcy Wheeler’s posts here and here.

Suffice to say that it is very convenient that at a time when the government is trying desperately to make a case against Julian Assange and prove he induced Bradley Manning to turn over the documents to Wikileaks, Adrian Lamo suddenly “remembers” that his chats with Manning contain details of a physical hand-off of a disk.

And instead of asking Lamo to go back to Wired, or the Washington Post, and get copies of the chat transcripts he gave them, the New York Times says “no problem, we’ll just publish this convenient new information based on the recollections of someone who was in a mental institution two weeks before all this happened.”

Charlie Savage ‘s article says that Manning is being detained in very difficult conditions which are designed to get him to implicate Julian Assange. Meanwhile, all the known evidence against Manning comes from Lamo’s chat logs, which both Wired AND the Washington Post refuse to publish.

Heaven knows when Lamo will need to “remember” something else, I suppose.

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