The trainwreck that is Tony Sutton's business career.

Remember back in September when, in discussing the ongoing trainwreck that is Republican Party of Minnesota Chair Tony Sutton’s Baja Sol franchise, I cited this article in a local business journal as an example of Sutton puffery?

[Tony’s wife Bridget] Sutton said she wants to open as many as six Baja Sol Tortilla Grills in the next year and as many as 12 over the next two years. The first new store is scheduled to open at the Fountains of Arbor Lakes in Maple Grove on Oct. 4, replacing a recently closed location in downtown Minneapolis. (Chipotle is moving into that downtown space, read that story here.)The company allowed its lease at U.S. Bank Plaza to expire and will remodel its nearby location at City Center to accommodate extra traffic.

Well, the Baja Sol scheduled to open on October 4, wound up having its opening date pushed back to December 17, per its website page:

And guess what? It’s been pushed back yet again, this time to January, per Baja Sol’s Twitter feed — even as it was confirmed that another Baja Sol (the cantina in Eden Prairie or “EP”) that had been closed for remodeling for some months was not reopening:

Furthermore, as Sally Jo Sorensen of BSP Tweeted, yet another Baja Sol has shut its doors forever:

So, for the record, in the past three months, we’ve got two closed Baja Sols — both of which had been opened to grand fanfare just two years ago — and a Baja Sol whose opening’s been pushed back two times and three months, and which still isn’t open.

Where’s the big expansion promised back on September 13? And how long will the Coopers be willing to prop up Tony and Bridget’s turkey farm for right-wingers with questionable money skills? Inquiring minds want to know.

Phoenix Woman

Phoenix Woman