And finally, the question must be asked:

Was it worth it, Mr. President?

Was the repeal of DADT, passage of new START, and 13 more months of unemployment compensation worth it?

Much has been made of these achievements in the past few days, and even as one of your strongest supporters in 2008 – who since, like all other self-respecting Lefties, has become one of your biggest opponents for 2012 – I must admit they are valuable in varying degrees:

DADT: Just flat-out good news.
START: Ditto.
13 months: A half-victory.

Still, in the context of what you gave up who you sold out, Mr. President, each of these victories is bittersweet at best.

The fix is clearly in. Thanks to your deal with the Devil John Boehner, your carefully negotiated, one-after-the-other rolling-out of these three wins in recent days feels a lot like your last hurrah. Then again…

Next month, the GOP takes control of the House (as if they didn’t control it already). And then – in the long, dark days following this Season of Lights – reality will set in.

The rich will go on getting richer.

The poor will become poorer still.

All because you swallowed that Right-wing malarkey about how “the American People sent a clear message in November.”

For how long are you willing to deny the truth, Mr. President?

For how long will you profess disbelief that November’s losses had everything to do with your lack of spine since Inauguration Day, 2009? For how long will you continue to engage in trashing your base for pointing this out, and in tossing away the Hope you so repeatedly touted to a new generation of voters on the way to your victory in 2008?

These, sir, are rhetorical questions of course.

Your real agenda is now clear, your Bill Clinton-on-steroids selling out for a second term all too obvious.

But on the off-chance that a decent bone still remains in your body, Mr. President, please:

– Spare us the great Social Security/Medicare Reform Waltz of 2011 and tell us now, since it is clear that you already know: Which of our most rudimentary retirement benefits of any developed country have you already dealt away?

– Tell us, was omitting wireless from the Net Neutrality deal a bone you threw to the Right to ensure that the underclass, which largely lacks web access except on mobile devices, cannot easily organize against the draconian immigration “reform” that is sure to be floated by the Right on or about – oh, January 3?

– And last but not least, sir, enlighten us: How will economic recovery that reaches wide and deep throughout the American electorate – upon which you are apparently confident enough to stake your re-election – actually occur, based on the economic policies you have followed up to now and outlined for the future?

Or have your discussions with Mr. Boehner perhaps assured you – based on future deals, of course – that a broad-based recovery won’t be necessary in securing your re-election?

(Edited 12/22/10 at 9:22 EST to remove erroneous reference to DREAM Act passage.)

Anthony Noel

Anthony Noel