Obama Did what He Said…

Its totally ridiculous to not give President Barack Obama the credit he deserves.  Its completely absurd, he has done more for the progressive movement than any other President since FDR.  Has he gotten everything passed just the way i may have wanted no. health care(no public option), DADT(a little long on that),  Unemployment Ins,(republicans got there tax cut)…  Theres only one thing in all of those things, he got ’em done.  If it were up to you he would just be fighting with repubs losing battle after battle.  Universal Health Care has been a fight that liberals and Dems have been having for years with no (i repeat with no success, along with a whole of other legislative accomplishments.  He did that with tons of opposition with a loss of tons of public support just to get that done, and yet you quibble that its not perfect, forgetting the fight we’ve had for over 30+ yrs.  Should we push to get what we want Hell yeah!!!!  But i watched LO’D TLstCll and was appalled at the deference showed to the President for what he has done by JANE HAMSHER.  If it were up to her we would just be taking loses even now.  She made good points about other people getting the credit, but what the hell was suppose to happen Obama can’t just sign what ever he wants in to law.  All i see are the goal posts moving again.  Its not just his fight its our fight if WE want it WE gotta keep pushing.  Our legislators have to keep pushing (i.e Harry Reid).  He has shown time and time again he know what he’s doing and the media gets it wrong the bloggers get it wrong.  The campaign all that blah blah that he should have done, he didn’t he stayed his course and won.  Health care, he won DADT he won its LAW that was his key reason for not taking other steps around it.  he didn’t hold it up Congress did.  You guys play to lose, he plays to win AND DOES.  I will end it here, in hopes that i’ve made my point.  He gets the job donnas and while pushing him to always do more (as we should that what progressive stands for) we should also have his back.  I joined to say that and hopefully have someone hear my voice.

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