The Board of the American Conservative Union has voted to ram homosexualist GOProud down the throats of their fellow conservatives at their annual CPAC Circle Jerk:

The board of the American Conservative Union has approved a homosexual Republican group for a planning role in the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), a major annual event in Washington, D.C., that draws conservatives from across the country.

Although the ACU is officially saying the matter is still open, an informed source told that the 31-member board has in fact voted to approve GOProud as a participating organization in the 2011 CPAC, and GOProud itself is saying that it has been approved as a participating organization.

At CPAC, “participating organizations” are groups involved in the planning of the event.


Over 100 organizations take part in CPAC as “sponsors,” “participating organizations” or “vendors.”

GOProud is set to be a participating organization, which means in addition to having a table at the event, it will also attend pre-event planning sessions to recommend speakers and other aspects of the conference, have a reception room and have ad space in the program for attendees.

So, basically, it will be just like all previous CPAC’s but with fewer Ronald Reagan/Gipper speeches and more fantasy musical numbers.

Not everyone is gay happy about this turn of events

ACU board member Ron Robinson, president of Young America’s Foundation, voted against having GOProud as a participating group.


“I’m a huge supporter of CPAC. I don’t want to do anything to hurt CPAC. I just think that this has been mishandled and could have been done in a better way,” Robinson said. “It gets CPAC off message. It calls attention away from the major presidential candidates and the major issues that we want to stress to narrower issues that are really only of strong interest to special interest groups.”

It could very well be that Ron is concerned about awkward encounters in between breakouts where supposedly straight CPAC members are stopped with “Rod? Rod Thruster? Is that you? Oh my gawd! I haven’t seen you since Palm Springs Fling. How are you?”.

I predict a cornucopia plethora gaggle closet full of outings.

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