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Sending Openly Gay Soldiers into “Unjust” Wars

It is interesting to note that the huge push to end “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” came at a time when the left continued to portray the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan as unjust and unwinnable.

Why the sudden urgency to encourage openly gay recruits when they will only be sent overseas to carry on an “immoral” fight?

Isn’t it hypocritical to push for the end of DADT before ending two wars they don’t believe in? It’s like treating a toothache when the patient is in the middle of a cardiac arrest.

Don’t give me the “Our Combat Mission is Over in Iraq” line. We all know soldiers continue to die there, and it’s no consolation to them or their families that they aren’t technically “in combat” when it happens.

As far as Afghanistan, when exactly are we drawing down again? First it was July, 2011. Now it’s 2014 “fer sure”, according to Joltin’ Joe Biden.

I believe that ending DADT in the middle of two major conflicts is a recipe for disaster. Just give it 6 months and start looking for headlines on Huffington Post along the lines of “Gay Soldiers Put In Harm’s Way By Bigoted Officers” or “Most Dangerous Duty Reserved for Gay Soldiers”.

You can see the writing on the wall with the poll that shows that 64% of Marines say Negative, Very Negative, or Mixed impact on unit trust once DADT is repealed, and 91% negative or mixed impact on combat performance.

All I’m saying is that overturning 200 years of discrimination in the armed forces is probably best done in peacetime when the stakes are lower.

Further, I don’t hear the left saying, “If we could just get some openly gay soldiers on the front lines, we could win this thing.” They are saying the opposite–that on top of killing civilians and fighting an immoral war that we are going to lose, our military is also bigoted. Anyway, let’s send more (gay) people over there to fight for something we don’t believe in.

Bottom line: what’s the point of ending institutional bigotry if it’s just going to result in more unjust deaths?

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