To return to Rep. Peter King’s upcoming congressional hearings on American Muslims and law enforcement, the Washington Post reports that consultants to police groups around the country recommend mass demonization:

Like Montijo, Walid Shoebat, a onetime Muslim who converted to Christianity, also lectures to local police. He too believes that most Muslims seek to impose sharia law in the United States. To prevent this, he said in an interview, he warns officers that “you need to look at the entire pool of Muslims in a community.”

When Shoebat spoke to the first annual South Dakota Fusion Center Conference in Sioux Falls this June, he told them to monitor Muslim student groups and local mosques and, if possible, tap their phones. “You can find out a lot of information that way,” he said.

What Muslim is going to want to cooperate with law enforcement about genuinely disturbing people in his community if he learns that his local cops consider him part of an undifferentiated problem?

Spencer Ackerman

Spencer Ackerman

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