On “60 Minutes” last night, wingnut favorite Chris Christie sat down with Steve Kroft and wagged his finger at people who work for a living.

…after looking at the books, he [Christie] decided to walk away from a long-planned and much-needed project with New York and the federal government to build a rail tunnel into Manhattan. It would have helped the economy and given employment to 6,000 construction workers.

Gov. Christie acknowledged that’s a lot of jobs. “I canceled it. I mean, listen, the bottom line is I don’t have the money. And you know what? I can’t pay people for those jobs if I don’t have the money to pay them. Where am I getting the money? I don’t have it. I literally don’t have it.”

Asked if this is going on all over the country, Christie told Kroft, “Yes. Of course it is. It’s not like you can avoid it forever, ’cause it’s here now. And we all know it’s here. And the federal government doesn’t have the money to paper over it anymore, either, for the states. The day of reckoning has arrived. That’s it. And it’s gonna arrive everywhere. Timing will vary a little bit, depending upon which state you’re in, but it’s comin’.

But the federal government has plenty of money, apparently, to spend about $1 trillion annually in defense, and about $3 trillion (and counting) on wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The federal government must have plenty of money, because it just granted a $900B tax cut, including hundreds of billions to millionaires and trust fund brats. And it had more than enough money to bail out Wall Street banks and Fortune 500 companies, to the tune of some $3T and change.

Funny that Christie isn’t as concerned about these roughly $8 trillion dollars in expenditures as he is about teacher’s pensions. Tighten your belts, you freeloaders!


Blue Texan

Blue Texan