Teh Crazie continues! Dutch Pension Funds Invest in Nuclear Weapons while the Dutch and British government have negotiated the banking dispute– “IceSave”– with Iceland. But Goldman really goes for it as both Goldman Sachs & Merrill Lynch Implicated In Short Sale Scheme. Happy Holidays as you realize that your investment in gold is a bubble about to pop as rural East Indians dump gold for appliances and the First US Gold Vending Machine Arrives in Florida.

This comes after you found out your banker really is a roaring alcoholic and is trying to hold you hostage with threats of quitting the job if the bonus payouts disappoint.

Meanwhile, the U.S. real estate industry– heck, the US— is in a capital “D” for Depression but now with the “estimated that 40% of the additional liquidity the Fed” has created of which most of it will end up in China, there is so much money flowing in that China is stopping banks from providing loans for real estate. Hey– austerity measures for the US, Ireland and Greece, Hooray! When riots erupt in Bangladesh after stock market plunges 6.7%, US “experts” agree:” Get over your fear and get back into stocks”!

Seriously, given this very tightly coupled world system, it really, really seems to me that the notion that greed, money and engineered disasters is the only thing that should make the world go ’round is clearly Teh Stupid. Isn’t it about time to discuss the alternative of a sustainable, equitable, peaceful existence on this planet?



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