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FCC Ruling on Net Neutrality To Come Down

I have been following the issue of net neutrality for some time now and was interested in the recent statements made by the FCC on what they feel their role should be.  The FCC seems to have taken a middle ground with their policy and looking to appease both sides. 

How net neutrality can have an effect on the minority segments of our society cuts to the core of my interest in the issue.  Through my reading and engagement in the topic I have come across many thoughtful and intelligent people who speak to this interest.  In a recent piece by the ex-mayor of Miami Manny Diaz  he speaks to the new FCC policy and its effects.

FCC Has Landed on Middle Ground
By Manny Diaz
On December 1st the Alliance for Digital Equality distributed a press release in response to an announcement by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on a compromise Net Neutrality plan.  As a former elected official, I know how difficult it can be to bring people together and find a constructive way to move forward.  Reaching 90 percent of your political/policy objective is far more effective leadership than creating a stalemate and failing to do what is in the best interest of the public.  The FCC’s plan will essentially ensure the public has unfettered access to the Internet, as they do today, while also promoting private investment in broadband technology.   As the Commissioners consider this arrangement prior to their vote on December 21, I remain cautiously optimistic.  There is no question that, after long deliberations and thoughtful dialogue, the FCC has been able to identify a reasonable solution.
With this plan in place, we will be able to tackle our other goals such as creating jobs through technology investment.  As the FCC Commissioners consider this proposal, I am encouraged about the future of America’s Internet infrastructure.  I hope the Commission will reject political posturing and move forward with this effective compromise.  
ADE feels very strongly about this issue and I remain encouraged by the progress that has been made because minority and underserved communities across America have so much to gain from this middle ground approach.  After struggling throughout the economic downturn, reasonable policies like this one will enable communities of color and minority businesses to seek new opportunities, create jobs and have greater access to the Internet – factors that will lead to a more prosperous and equitable America.  Our innovative spirit and the technological advancements we’ve made are representative of the very fabric of the American dream – opportunity and success abound – and in the midst of our nation’s economic recovery I believe increased investment in broadband technology will create jobs and lay a strong foundation for future generations.

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