From the AFP today: Disillusioned Palestinians seek new path

…’The peace process is in a deep coma,’ Palestinian negotiator Nabil Shaath told journalists Saturday night. ‘I don’t think anyone wants to continue this negotiation.’

‘There is no more credibility to this negotiation process. This is an exercise in futility — ridiculous.’ […]

Palestinian prime minister Salam Fayyad on Saturday said the leadership would not unilaterally declare independence, even if they do not reach a peace deal with Israel.

What we’re looking for… is a state of Palestine, we’re not looking for yet another declaration of statehood,” he told Israel’s Channel Two television.

We’re not looking for a Mickey Mouse state, we’re not looking for some form of self-rule, we’re looking for a sovereign state of Palestine, where we Palestinians can live as free people.”

The Palestinian leadership is seeking international recognitions of statehood, and has already attracted support from countries including Brazil, Argentina and Bolivia.

“We have devoted ourselves to negotiations for nearly two decades and today we are trapped in a framework that thus far has not lifted the occupation.”

Unlike the Israeli government, which is comfortable with the status quo of occupation and continued colonisation, the Palestinian people must seek their freedom through any peaceful channel available to us.

I liked the ‘Mickey Mouse’ reference… Interestingly, if you note, ‘the [PA] leadership would not unilaterally declare independence’, thereby, de-fanging our recent little US House brouhaha: “House Resolution 1765, formerly 1731 and 1734, passed in the House by a voice vote enjoining the Obama administration to oppose a unilateral Palestinian declaration of independence.” Fortunately, it’s a non-binding resolution, however, AIPAC’s message was delivered loud and clear…!

Why is it that Foggy Bottom’s P.J. Crowley, is still sputtering and stammering in answering the intrepid Matt Lee’s questions…?

Btw, Dec. 27th, 2010 will mark the second anniversary of ‘Cast Lead’…!

So much for that ‘A Dubai on the Mediterranean’…!

A vivid reminder of the real facts on the ground…

We want to inform you that 11 Palestinian families in Khirbeit Tana today were given 24 hours by the Israeli military to pack their things and leave the area. The military said that if they fail to comply with the order, all their livestock and materials will be confiscated. The orders affect all families that did not experience demolition last week.

Out of 35 families in the village, 15 suffered a demolition last week; 11 are now threatened with displacement; leaving only 9 families dwelling in caves who are unaffected.

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, and, all that noise…!