Timothy Geitner said a few months back that 40% of the houses in foreclosure remain unoccupied and that that is having a disastrous effect on neighborhoods and causing stress on municipal services .

In European cities , in Germany, England, Holland, Spain for instance or the case of Christiana in Denmark , alternatives expressed themselves by squattering vacant buildings, houses and in the aforementioned case of Christiana, an abandoned military base.

 Chris Hedges said upon his arrest at the White House on Thursday, 

 the normal mechanisms by which democratic participation are rendered possible in this country have been closed shut,

 Are we now relegated to addressing  injustice such as the mortgage crisis by standing with those who have lost their homes and putting them back into them through methods such as Squattering ? Is this the only way to bring attention to the issue, get some free press and provide housing to the homeless and dispossessed in a nation whose people are facing record poverty and foreclosures because of the criminality of banks and big business ?

Our laws were created for the good of the citizens , the citizens were not created for the good of the laws ! Apparently those laws only apply to 98% of the population.

 Killing more than a million in an illegal war based on transparent lies for resources and then profiting handsomely by doing so,( halliburton and the Carlyle group )

Torturing  and kidnapping individuals never formally charged with a crime and then using the states secret defense to shield those responsible from justice, 

Spying on the American public en masse without a warrant and then passing retroactive immunity for the criminality,

Defrauding millions in the stock and housing markets and  then putting billions of borrowed dollars,  to be paid by the poor and their children with interest, into the hands of those  who perpetrated the fraud, people who then promptly awarded themselves  multi million dollar bonuses for their service to the elite on wall street .

Violating virtually every law known to God and man  is alright apparently, if you have the right connections.

The rule of law is what keeps society civil . Perhaps the elite should consider this before violating them so openly !



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