by Jason DeRusha

Nothing is more delicious than the sweet, sweet taste of right-wing bitterness. And in the wake of yesterday’s historic civil rights victory for gays, the reaction across wingnuttia has been tasty to watch.

RedState totally ignored it as did the Quitter, Putz passive-aggressively linked to an NRO post crediting Republicans for striking down DADT, the Anchor Baby could only manage a swipe at Harry Reid under her foul breath, Ace of Spades called the 8 Republicans who voted for the repeal “lying traitors” (31 Senate Republicans voted against — three didn’t vote) and Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association screetched that allowing “sexual deviants” to serve in our military will usher in America’s demise.

Finally, there was this impassioned plea from Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council.

It seems his prayers went unanswered.

Why does God hate Tony Perkins?

Blue Texan

Blue Texan