The problem with cats is that they get the exact same look on their face whether they see a moth or an axe-murderer. ~Paula Poundstone


Well, the pine litter experiment is a total bust. With the exception of a lone poop every other day or so the tigers sniff the box and walk away. The remainder of the bag makes a good door stop, though.


Another ugly day. Yesterday redux. Drizzles, cloudy and chilly. At least it’s not freezing or snowing. Seven on the waterbed and it’s only mid-morning.

There’s something about my old field jacket that Feurae doesn’t like. I put it on the other morning to go to work and when I went to pet him he attacked the sleeve, bitin’ the hell out of it. He was on the back of the recliner and every time I went back to him he went after the sleeve. Too funny.

I keep forgetting to recharge the camera batteries. George from next door is just the friendliest little guy. He doesn’t show up for morning leftovers but in the evening he’s all over me. Every evening this week I wanted to take a pic of Max, George, Sweetie Pie (I also call her Sweet Pea) and another kitteh at the leftovers but the batteries are low and then I go back in and forget to put the batteries in the charger. Dumbass.

I keep wondering what’s going on at the Iams food plant where they made the chicken and salmon dry food. It’s been months since they recalled it all. At least that flavour came in 16lb bags and I didn’t have to worry about part of it going stale before I could use it. The original formula comes in 20lb bags but after I’ve gotten through 12 lbs more or less the rest is starting to go stale. A 6.8lb bag lasts 6 1/2 days but I’d like to save a few bucks with a bigger bag. Grumble, grumble.

The Great Tao is universal like a flood.
How can it be turned to the right or to the left?

All creatures depend on it,
And it denies nothing to anyone.

It does its work,
But it makes no claims for itself.

Tao Te Ching, 34, Lao Tzu

A happy return home.

Cheetah vs hyena. Lots of cheetah pix this week. Stitchinfool will be happy.

White lion cubs.

Animals of the Week.

Share your tiger stories with us.

If the pull of the outside world is strong, there is also a pull towards the human. The cat may disappear on its own errands, but sooner or later, it returns once again for a little while, to greet us with its own type of love. ~Lloyd Alexander