LOL cat Christmas cookies. (photo: melissacorey via Flickr)

After the rather action-packed, news-jammed, boffo-Senate day, let’s stop and talk about anything but politics; let’s talk about tomorrow’s special Food Sunday.

It’s that time of year when many of us are preparing for holiday celebrations and we all have favorite baked goods we love to share with others. For this reason, Ellie Elliott has whipped up a cookie exchange post for you to share your favorite cookie recipes with others; watch for her post mid-day tomorrow.

But what about you? What kinds of goodies are you preparing for the holiday? Can you share them with us tomorrow as a post? If you’re baking cookies, can you share your favorites in Ellie’s thread tomorrow?

And for some of us, this holiday season is a bit more challenging than holidays past. We’re having to scrimp and cut corners to keep it together. What kinds of steps have you taken to be more thrifty this season?

Of course, being a Watercooler post, feel free to share anything else on your mind. What’s up?



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