OK, here we go, the motion to concur on the DREAM Act is starting now. Should it fail, the motion to concur on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell will occur thereafter.

Will keep you updated here.

…Conrad, Dorgan and Landrieu all went Aye on the DREAM Act.

…Hutchison and Cornyn, in a state with a large Latino population, are both No votes.

…Richard Lugar, as expected, votes Aye. Basically, the DREAMers are running better than expected right now, I haven’t heard any Democratic No’s yet.

…Pryor is the first Democrat to vote No on DREAM. Even Lincoln went Aye. But I don’t think there are more than 2 Republican Aye votes, so that probably settles it. Brownback and Scott Brown voted No.

…Tester votes No. I’d say this’ll get about 56-57 votes.

…Collins, Snowe and Mark Kirk all voted No as well. Wyden is in the building and he votes Aye.

LeMieux, who’s thinking about challenging Bill Nelson in Florida, votes No.

….Murkowski votes Aye. But Baucus votes No, cancelling it out. Bob Bennett voted Aye.

So three Republican Yes votes for the measure, enough to pass if the Democratic caucus held together. But it didn’t. This one will be close, but it’ll go down.

The Democratic No votes so far are Ben Nelson, Pryor, Tester and Baucus.

Voinovich votes No, he was a possibility for DREAMers.

…The final vote was 55-41, as Kay Hagan voted No at the end as well. When a full roll call is up, I’ll link. Four no-shows is interesting… Apparently Manchin voted No as well (actually he may just have not voted), along with Hagan, Pryor, Tester, Baucus, and Ben Nelson. The four no-shows were Republicans.

So now there will be a vote on repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Coming up in a moment.

…there’s an expectation that Mark Kirk will vote Aye on DADT repeal, and Richard Lugar as well. Kent Conrad, thought to be wavering, is also reportedly an Aye.

…OK, Kirk was an Aye, along with Voinovich, Murkowski, Snowe, Scott Brown and Collins. Lugar voted No. Haven’t heard Manchin, he’ll probably just sit it out like he did on DREAM. But you should get to 63 then.

…Cloture invoked 63-33 on legislative repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. There should be a final vote sometime tomorrow, perhaps.

UPDATE: Just to recap, four Senators didn’t vote at all today: Bunning, Hatch, Gregg and Manchin. Quite a profile in courage for Joe Manchin, taking a walk on both votes.

Here were the crossover votes. On DREAM:

Republicans voting Yes: Murkowski, Bennett (UT), Lugar
Democrats voting No: Hagan, Tester, Pryor, Baucus, Ben Nelson

On DADT repeal:
Republicans voting Yes: Kirk, Snowe, Collins, Murkowski, Voinovich, Scott Brown
Democrats voting No: none

David Dayen

David Dayen