UPDATE: Another “Trans Tron” connection for the original Tron is in who wrote the score for the film. Anyone remember Wendy Carlos? Emoticon: Toothy Smile Too bad she wasn’t involved in writing the score for Tron Legacy.

Well, here’s another one of those weekend posts where we baristas talk about more personal issues than we usually do on weekdays. Thumbnail Link: Tron (1982)But, in keeping with the idea that Pam’s House Blend is designed to be a virtual coffee house where we discuss the kind of things we discuss would discuss at a brick-and-mortar coffee house, I’m bringing up something that’s kinda interesting to me, and hopefully to you.Emoticon: Curtsy

Tron Legacy has hit the theaters in the U.S. this weekend. I have an odd connection to the film, and the connection is with the original Tron — and it’s found within the cast and crew of that first film.

My Dad — Jack Sandeen — was the Costume Supervisor for the original Tron.

Just crazy weird, huh? Emoticon: Crazy

My Dad passed away on the day after Father’s Day — Father’s Day that year literally falling on my birthday — in 2002. And, I miss him.

I’m somewhat sad that he never met me as Autumn, although he did know I had at least gender expression issues, and those were ongoing. I wish he had the opportunity to meet me as Autumn, but I began my transition about eight months after he passed away.

The photo of the clay rabbit in this diary was a gift from me to my Dad. I wrote about the gift, and its return to me, in my old blog — the View From (Ab)Normal Heights — in a post entitled Thinking About Dad. Funny how the release of Tron Legacy has me thinking about that clay rabbit.

Thumbnail link: Clay rabbit I made for my Dad (Jack Sandeen) for Father's Day in 1965 when I (Autumn Sandeen) was 6-years-old. My Mom, after my Dad passed in 2002, gave the clay rabbit back to me. I was honored to have it come back to me.In the present tense, I plan on seeing Tron Legacy this weekend, and hopefully in 3D.  Whether the new film turns out to be good or bad, the release of the new film has already brought to mind some wonderful memories of my Dad.

And hey, I’m looking forward to seeing how the film will align up with the original — especially the graphics and (of course) the costuming.

By the way, for those who don’t know, the original Tron was the first feature film that used computer graphics. That’s probably the main reason why the original Tron is seen as a pretty significant film.
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So for me anyway, it’s time to dig out the popcorn!

For those who’ve watched the new film this weekend, have seen the original film in the past, or have now watched both the new film and the origial film, free to review the films in this thread. Emoticon: Toothy Smile

And if ya’ hate the new film — well hey! My Dad didn’t work on that one! Emoticon: Giggling



* Thinking About Dad

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Autumn Sandeen