So today a promise of the Campaign Obama (not to be confused with President Obama) came true. The absolute nonsense that is DADT was repealed. Unfortunately in my hierarchy of things on my legislative agenda, gay rights and drug legalization rank very low. Before anyone comes with me with pitchforks and torches let me explain why.

I think that discrimination against LGBT citizens is a travesty and I think that in 15 years grandparents will be ashamedly trying to explain to their grandkids that it was a “different time” when their kids try to understand all the fuss. In much the same way that my Grandmother tried to tell me about how her peers (and I suspect her) weren’t really racist, it was just a different time. It’s abominable and it makes me sad for humanity that in this day and age that kind of nonsense persists.

The reason that it, as well as drug legalization, are at the bottom of my wish list is that they’re guaranteed wins. The youth of today could not give less of a flip about these issues and there’s no way that gay marriage, DADT and pot legalization are still issues in 25 years. Once the baby-boomers start dying off in droves those battles are won through attrition. That doesn’t make them any less important or make it any less galling that they haven’t been resolved, but it at least leaves me with hope.

Issues like climate change however are trending the opposite direction. Rather than the path to a solution becoming more and more clear and inexorable, it’s becoming more and more muddy and terrifying. I’ll take my win on DADT but it seems like low hanging fruit that was going to fall anyway.

Ashlee Lucca

Ashlee Lucca