Welcome to Scrap Eden. (photo: LU5H.bunny via Flickr)

This quote from John Boehner on the tax cut deal tells us all we need to know:

Our first goal was to stop the tax hike that was coming on January 1st… Considering that Democrats control the House, the Senate and the White House, I thought on balance it was worthy of my vote.

Of course Boehner thought it was worthy. He must have been struggling to suppress his elation. He knows that by all rights, the 111th Congress should have allowed the tax cuts to expire and extended unemployment, as well as passing a much stronger New Deal-type stimulus, and meaningful climate change legislation, and financial reform with real teeth, etc., etc.

A supposedly progressive president. An overwhelming majority in the House. And at least for a while, a filibuster proof majority in the Senate. But the minority party achieves its #1 goal, and the majority gets a few scraps thrown their way. The Democrats are completely and absolutely inept bought. Let’s see what they do now to “screw up” START and DADT.

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Jim Moss

Jim Moss