It’s supposed to rain here in LA every day from now to Christmas. I’m in a right good mood.

• Sam Graham-Felsen, then-candidate Obama’s blogger in 2008, lashed out at the President in a WaPo op-ed today for shutting down OfA and demobilizing the base. Today, both OfA and the DNC went out to their lists to urge calls on repealing DADT and the DREAM Act. If you were in a state with Senators whose opinions on the bills are known, you were asked to call supporters in states with undecided Senators and get them to call them. So, Sam got results.

• But Bob Corker is still darkly suggesting that the Republicans will derail the new START treaty, and weaken national security, if DADT repeal gets passed. He claims he’s just observing the reaction of his colleagues. Mm-kay. But interestingly, Corker called Greg Sargent back and stressed that the GOP wouldn’t oppose the treaty “permanently.” They’re already showing weakness on this temper tantrum.

• I think it’s almost a certainty that Judge Vinson in Florida will rule for the Republican AGs on the Constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act. They forum-shopped to get him on the case. Vinson also “seemed somewhat more receptive than Judge Hudson to the states’ argument that the entire health care law should fall if the insurance mandate is unconstitutional. He said the act was analogous to a watch with interlocking and interdependent wheels.”

• On that vote to allow states to spend Hardest Hit Fund money for legal services for foreclosure victims, the bill failed on the suspension calendar by a count of 210-145. 80 members of Congress missed the vote because they flew back home to their districts.

• Why yes, Bobby Jindal’s idiotic idea to build sand berms to block oil from reaching the Louisiana shoreline was completely wasteful and didn’t stop any oil. Why do you ask?

• Now Rick Scott, the governor-elect of Florida, is balking at high-speed rail money. More for California! The Feds will completely build our LA-SF line, at this rate.

• Senate Republicans try vainly to defend their vote blocking medical treatment for 9-11 rescue workers exposed to health hazards at Ground Zero.

• In the new year, I’m going to be looking to the states for progress. Maryland could legalize same-sex marriage. The California Air Resources Board approved their cap-and-trade program. Solar farms on public lands in the West could proliferate (the President helped that one along). The states are where it’s at for the next couple years.

• I actually liked Bethany McLean’s take on the Republican financial deniers on the FCIC better than Paul Krugman’s this morning.

• Now that Robert Gates and Joe Biden have admitted no “substantive” diplomatic damage from the Wikileaks cables, can everyone stop acting like Julian Assange murdered someone?

• CNN and the Tea Party Express are teaming up for a 2012 Presidential debate. Wow.

• One thing about all the bad items in the omnibus spending bill is that they’re likely to all come back once the Republicans get their hands on the budget, or through some other means. For example, the Gitmo trial ban.

• More sovereign debt downgrades in Europe, more protests against austerity and corporate power. In other words, just another Friday.

• The tax cut deal, now law, also had a big subsidy for liquid coal producers.

• Even with the tax cut deal, the prediction is for a weak recovery. The only quick recovery in the past couple years has been corporate profits.

• As health insurance prices rise, more of the middle class is going naked, without health insurance coverage. But the exchanges will fix everything.

• So GM is now free and clear of preferred stock owned by the US government, and well on their way to paying back all of the rescue funds.

• US regulators will ignore the strongest Basel III requirements, the ones restricting lending the most. Sigh.

• Erik Prince cashed out of Blackwater, selling it off to private equity investors. Wall Street has a mercenary army now!

• I can’t believe Charlie Cook is already giving predictions for 2012 Congressional races.

• TSA missed a passenger with a huge .40 caliber handgun in his bag. Clearly they need to look at more people’s junk. That’ll fix it.

• Just how many recently-elected Republican congressmembers are already under investigation?

• Victims of Bernie Madoff could share in $7.2 billion dollars after a recovery by a trustee. Given that the ACLU and other worthy organizations lost a lot of money with Madoff, that’s almost its own stimulus.

• Article with the words “Rahm Emanuel” and “crawlspace” in it.

• A Brazilian clown had to pass a literacy test, but now he’s a member of the government.

David Dayen

David Dayen