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Social Security: Cutting the Payroll Tax First Step in Destroying It

“Temporarily” cutting the payroll tax for Social Security is the first step in destroying it. This is how they will “starve the beast” by cutting the funding for it. They know that once a tax(es) is cut, it is almost impossible to reinstate it. It’s portrayed as a tax “hike.” [Witness what has just been done with the “temporary” 10 year Bush tax cuts.]

Then the lie that’s been said repeatedly that it is broke [Bush said this] will become the truth. The several trillion dollars that’s been built up in it’s trust fund since 1985 to finance the baby boomers retirement will be squandered because what should be being paid into it will not be. Not fair to our kids and grandkids who will be paying into it and may not be able to collect what they should. Scummy and shameful.

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