Or some such shit.  Yes, it is NOT official, but with all the leaks going on, another Obama promise is about to bite the dust:  the so called final departure date for American troops in Afghanistan is 2014.  Well, that is what Eugene Robinson is reporting on Countdown.  The 2014 date is the new July 2011 withdrawal.

Yeah, quite the shocker for us anti-Obama progressives.

When folks like Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post are reporting this latest in Obama coming capitulations, it is probably one of the worst kept secrets in Washington.  No offense to Gene, but the Pentagon was already “signalling” this development a month ago.

For all the gory details of how the Pentagon rolled Obama on sending more troops to Afghanistan, I recommend you get a copy of Woodward’s book, Obama’s Wars.  The Pentagon is following the same script for moving this latest goal post.  Step one is to set the narrative before anyone else in the White House does, and you accomplish this goal with the ready assistance of the news media.

For a recent example, seems that the Pentagon loves to blab to the media that there is no way in hell that we can start to bring troops home by July 2011.  What this does is setup a series of questions for the White House that gets officials to respond to the Pentagon’s story about Afghanistan.  The Pentagon did this repeatedly while the initial review about Afghanistan by the Obama Administration was under way.

Once again, we are hearing different takes on what is going on in Afghanistan and Pakistan.  The intelligence analysts that work for the Pentagon are seeing all kinds of progress on the ground with the escalation, but the other intelligence analysts aren’t buying this.  However, the critical bit of information is that there is “progress” by Pentagon standards.  Otherwise, if things were a cluster fuck in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the American voters, especially Democratic ones, might demand an end to the war.

Supposedly, according to Woodward, Obama is extremely afraid that he will lose the Democratic Party over a lengthy stay in Afghanistan

Not sure I believe that one either, but  Woodward has some quote from Obama about this.  Given Obama’s contempt for progressives and rank and file Democrats, I have my serious doubts.  I’m convinced that Obama will sellout Democrats on Afghanistan, and is it not just anti-Obama progressives like myself who believe this.

 Keith and Gene on Countdown were expressing some black humor about the war and how Obama will try to wiggle out from underneath another broken promise.  Keith stated that Obama will start to withdraw troops in July 2011, but it will be one soldier per month.  Gene was more gracious.  He said it will be two or three soldiers a month.

I wonder how the Obama addicts will take this latest sellout?