When it comes to any comparison or contrast between national politics and state-level politics, the ease of understanding the conceptual differences cannot be disguised, despite best efforts of both the Republicans and Democrats.  Thusly, my political backdrop for the contemplated comparison and contrast, starts with my belief and advocacy for the Native American/Chicano Construct and which starts and ends with the notional that in two generations, the Construct will “own” both the Republican and Democratic Parties.

With this in mind, who among the few Democrats in the Senate can be considered our Friends and Political Allies, when measured by any Standard or Yardstick, given the vote on President Obama’s advocacy for more Tax Cuts?

Since the vote for expanding the tax cuts, initiated by President Bush, and now “owned” by President Obama, demonstrates that the vote was 81 to 19 and with 13 Democrats and Senator Bernie Sanders in opposition.  Thus, with this vote, the Construct now has a better view relative to the Friends and Political Allies among the Senate Democrats and with the caveat that the Senate Democrats voting in favor of these tax cuts, are expressing their fealty to America’s Overtly Wealth as well as in favor of their respective wallets.

So, here are the Senate Democrats voting in Opposition:

  1. Senator Bingaman from New Mexico.
  2. Senator Dorgan from North Dakota.
  3. Senator Feingold of Wisconsin and whom lost his re-election bid.
  4. Senator Gillibrand from New York. 
  5. Senator Hagan from North Carolina.
  6. Senator Harkin of Iowa.
  7. Senator Lautenberg of New Jersey.
  8. Senator Leahy of Vermont.
  9. Senator Levin of Michigan.
  10. Senator Merkley of Oregon.
  11. Senator Udall of Colorado.
  12. Senator Udall of New Mexico.
  13. Senator Wyden of Oregon
  14. Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont, and who is an Independent and caucuses with the Democrats.


And since the Construct anticipates that the national debt will probably exceed $32 trillion within two generations, this transfer of political power from the Old White Guys in the Senate to the Construct, our Construct will find in the future that the United States has become financially destitute and morally corrupted.  It’s at this point in the History of this Indigenous Hemisphere, collectively, we will commence our entry into the Fifth World of Democracy and to the extent that the Construct is capable of jettisoning the over-arching and current view for this ever present “Lobotomy for Democracy”.

As a resident of Arizona, I have had to contend with the Republican’s version of a “Lobotomy for Democracy” for these past 30 years, and yet, I have found that public campaign financing has been an “illuminating” moment for my brand of politics, even though this existing schematic will soon be challenged in the United States Supreme Court.  To wit, public campaign financing has not changed anyone’s approach to labels, parties, ideologies,  principles, and policy making, but public campaign financing has stripped off the camouflage of these Elected and Appointed Officials, and along with the myriad and attendant political operatives. And not lost in all this “messaging” is that Arizona’s Democrats, although small in number at the State Legislature, continue to voice and vote in opposition to additional tax cuts and to a furthering expansion of the this existing “Lobotomy for Democracy” as the Republicans continue to espouse their tax cuts for their Friends and Political Allies, and expected to be accomplished on a deferred basis due to the existing economic conditions facing Arizona.  And should this bode well for the Native American/Chicano Construct relative to our collective Future?

In closing, I would be remiss in failing to mention that both Senator Menendez and Senator Sherrod Brown are now lost to the Construct given their fealty to the Overtly Wealthy.  And as the Presidential Cycle begins in the summer of next year, America’s Progressive Community should consider their approach to encouraging only those on this List of Fourteen for conducting a “primary” for a presupposed Democratic Party Presidential Nomination in 2012.