Odds and Ends in Progressive Political News

Take it for what it may be worth, but Congressman DeFazio was on the Ed Show and he said the following:

Congressman Weiner claims that the latest progressive stance in the House on Obama’s shitty tax deal is not kabuki.  Yeah, I know.  We have all seen this movie before.

Ed Schultz does a segment showing Senator Carl Levin calling Obama a wuss.  Well, he said it in polite Senator speak, but in the end, Levin said Obama just will not fight on issues. 

Roy Sekoff of The Huffington Post and Ed seem to want to take a potential START treaty approval and repeal of DADT as consolation prizes for extending the Bush tax cuts.  Sorry, but passing a Republican treaty is not equivalent to a huge giveaway to the wealthy.  Repealing DADT would be great, but it is not like Obama spent a lot of time actually working on this issue.  So why should progressives give Obama brownie points if DADT is repealed?  I don’t get that.

And one more bit of info, Congressman John Yarmuth will vote “NO” on extending the Bush tax cuts, or so his office told me today when I called to bitch about Obama’s deal.

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