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New Progressive Alliance: Our Manifesto

Voting took place last week here at MyFDL to choose a movement name and platform topics in the effort to mount a primary challenge to Barack Obama in 2012.

The results are now tabulated, and “MyFDL” commenters chose “New Progressive Alliance” as the effort’s name, and rated the following five topics as those most important to the Progressive cause:

1) Full Employment
2) Medicare for All
3) Civil Rights/Human Rights/Civil Liberties
4) Fair Trade
5) End the Wars Now

I congratulate all of you on these fine choices. A clearer manifesto – or more concise statement – of the principles and issues Progressives hold dear, and from which the Democratic Party has shrunk over the past 30 years, is difficult to imagine.

Of course, our goal is for the New Progressive Alliance to be a lasting force, one that can reinstate to American political discourse the uncompromising, unapologetic voice of the Left which the national Democratic Party has so thoroughly and completely ceased to be.

Just five weeks ago, readers chose their top 10 preferred challengers to Obama (results here).

Since then, I’ve begun approaching prominent Lefties, seeking their membership on a steering committee to help (1) guide our effort and (2) bring under its umbrella the full range of groups espousing Progressive principles. Both prospective members I’ve approached thus far have agreed, and because of the delicate nature of trying to bring together prominent people of such diverse opinions, I am keeping their names confidential while those efforts continue.

What’s Next
What’s needed most at this stage is volunteers. While the work of seating a steering committee continues, we must spread word of the New Progressive Alliance throughout the blogosphere. We also need “State Founders” all across the country, to establish the New Progressive Alliance and begin seeking volunteers at the state level. A few people have already come forward, but we need many, many more.

Bloggers can make a difference in just an hour or two per week, by posting the link to this diary and future ones in comments at other sites. They’ll also help spread the word through letters to the editor in their local newspapers.

State Founders need about five free hours per week during the first half of 2011, during which they will promote and facilitate organizing meetings in order to recruit a corps of volunteers within their state. Promotional literature and tips to ensure good attendance at organizing meetings will be provided to State Founders, along with a PowerPoint presentation designed to engender enthusiasm and excitement among prospective volunteers, and to encourage them to enlist their friends and colleagues in the effort as well.

The America that FDR and LBJ worked so hard to begin building lies in ruins. Common concern for the welfare of our fellow citizens has been abandoned; corporate solvency predominates over individual rights and liberties; and – just as it never was – war is still not the answer.

The groundwork has been laid. Now the real work must begin.

Are you ready to join the fight for what you believe in?

If you are, please e-mail admin_at_themalcontent_dot_com, and encourage other readers to join you with your comments below.

Thanks, one and all, for everything you’ve done so far, and for all we still hope to achieve.

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Anthony Noel

Anthony Noel